The Gene Editing Therapy Market Report investigates gene editing technologies’ therapeutic market potential and provides a detailed snapshot of the industry today. The report includes a detailed investment analysis of the venture capital and post-IPO funding in the industry so far, measures the current market size by bottom-up revenue analysis, provides a highly segmented market forecast until 2030, and clarifies the challenges and opportunities in this industry in the coming years.

The report author has a PhD in DNA Repair from the University of Strasbourg with peer reviewed publications in Molecular Cell, PNAS and Human Mutation, and has the scientific background necessary to capture the nuances in this complex field.

The market report is aimed at investors and innovators seeking a data-driven approach to the gene editing therapy market to guide strategic planning and accelerate growth.

  • Market Trends
  • Investment Analysis
  • Market Size & Forecast
  • Customer Analysis
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Company Profiles

Report Content

AI in Drug Development Market

Deliverables Included

The following deliverables are included with the purchase of every report license.

  • PDF report, 75 pages
  • Excel data file with 82 data tables and figures
  • Direct access to the lead analyst for questions and follow-ups
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