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Emersion Insights is a distinguished research and strategy consulting firm specializing in providing exceptional support to clients within the technology and healthcare sectors. Our firm is renowned for its rigorous analytical approach, deep industry expertise, and unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality insights and solutions.

Through a blend of quantitative analysis, qualitative research, and strategic thinking, we partner with our clients to develop actionable strategies that drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

With a reputation built on integrity, professionalism, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Emersion Insights is the trusted advisor for leading companies in the technology and healthcare sectors.

Tech & Healthcare Market Insights & Analysis

  • Comprehensive market reports dissecting technology and healthcare industries.

  • In-depth analysis of technological advancements and healthcare trends.

  • Examination of market dynamics, including consumer behaviors and competitor landscapes.

  • Identification and evaluation of market potential for new technologies and healthcare solutions.

  • Assessment of market opportunities and challenges within the technology and healthcare sectors.

Strategic Market Positioning & Planning

  • Tailored market strategies crafted to position startups for success.

  • Development of go-to-market strategies aligned with market insights.

  • Strategic analysis to identify competitive advantages and market positioning opportunities.

  • Planning for market entry and expansion strategies.

  • Collaboration to refine product offerings and target audience segmentation.

Business Planning & Implementation Strategies

  • Crafting a compelling vision statement that aligns with market trends and startup goals.

  • Development of implementation strategies to execute business vision effectively.

  • Creation of actionable business plans outlining objectives, tactics, and timelines.

  • Assistance in defining organizational structure and operational frameworks.

  • Guidance on resource allocation and budgeting to support business objectives.

Empowering Startups & Entrepreneurs with a 3-Step Blueprint for Success

From market insights to strategic vision and meticulous planning, we empower startups and entrepreneurs to shape tomorrow’s innovations:

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  • Market Reports

Illuminate Your Startup’s Journey with Emersion Insights’ Market Reports

Embark on your journey to success with Emersion Insights’ first pivotal service: Market Reports. Tailored specifically for healthcare and technology startups, our comprehensive market reports delve deep into industry trends, consumer behaviors, and competitive landscapes. Backed by meticulous research and expert analysis, these reports serve as your roadmap, illuminating the path ahead and uncovering hidden opportunities.

Gain invaluable insights that inform strategic decisions and set the foundation for your venture’s growth and market penetration. With Emersion Insights’ Market Reports, you’re equipped to navigate the complexities of your industry with confidence and clarity.

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  • Market Strategy

Unlock Your Startup’s Potential with Emersion Insights’ Market Strategy Service

Crafted specifically for healthcare and technology startups, our bespoke strategies are tailored to propel your venture towards success. Drawing from deep industry expertise and market insights, we design innovative go-to-market strategies that defy convention and position your startup for rapid growth. With Emersion Insights’ Market Strategy, you’ll not only navigate the competitive landscape but also seize opportunities to lead your industry into the future.

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  • Business Plans

Define Your Startup’s Future with Emersion Insights’ Business Planning Expertise

In the fast-paced worlds of healthcare and technology, a robust business plan is paramount. Collaborate closely with us to develop detailed plans outlining objectives, strategies, and tactics. From financial projections to market positioning, we provide a roadmap for sustainable growth and success. With Emersion Insights’ Business Planning, your startup gains the strategic clarity needed to thrive independently.

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“We recently purchased an Emersion Insights market report to understand how AI techniques are currently used in early-stage drug discovery and preclinical investigation. Our questions and requests were always answered promptly and professionally. The report was extensive and very helpful from our perspective in academia. This study greatly helped us to assess the market and future applications for our invention and research projects.”
Dr. Hannu Myllykallio, CNRS/INSERM – Ecole Polytechnique
“We purchased a market report to enhance our corporate strategy, especially with a view towards geographic distribution of investments in AI drug discovery. Ulrik was an excellent collaborator, having carefully analyzed this space, which was very helpful for us as a global, rapidly-scaling tech-based drug discovery company. Ulrik answered all of our questions quickly and thoroughly.”
Lillian E. Elsner, MBA – Head of Strategy – Arctoris Ltd.

Meet The Founder

Dr Ulrik Kristensen

Strategy Consultant

Ulrik has over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry. His passion for new technology and the startup community led him to create Emersion Insights, a specialist provider of strategic market intelligence for the technology and healthcare industry.

His goal is to help shape and create strategies for the world’s innovators in order to bring groundbreaking technologies to market faster and more efficiently.

With a strong academic background including an MSc in Molecular Biology from Denmark and a PhD from France, Ulrik gained valuable experience in scientific roles at Qiagen and Illumina, and later at Signify Research where he provided market intelligence services to some of the world’s largest health tech corporations. Now, Ulrik is dedicated to making a difference for the industries he is most passionate about through his work at Emersion Insights.

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